At the museum we have a small collection of Local History Books, Regional History Books and assorted other books to aid in the research of your family tree. This also includes many Memorial\Prayer Cards and newspaper obituaries. In addition fellow genealogists have donated copies of their family trees to add others in their search. Those family trees would include the following families:

Family Trees


Shelby County History Books

History of Shelby County Ohio and Representative Citizens,
Hitchcock 1913

History of Shelby County Ohio, Sutton, 1883

Combination Atlas map of Shelby County Ohio  1875 & 1899

Memorial Records of Shelby County Ohio  1819 – 1975 
Adams and Mosely

Marriage Records of Shelby County Ohio, vol. 1, 1819-1870,
Adams & Mosely

Marriage Records of Shelby County Ohio, vol.2, 1871-1899
Adams & Mosely

Shelby County Rural Directories

Shelby County Ohio One Room Schools  Adams & Bevans 1993
Shelby County Genealogical Society

Shelby County Newspaper Deaths  1863 – 1899  Taglieber
Shelby County Genealogical Society

Maps of Shelby County Ohio  1875, 1900, 1910
Shelby County Genealogical Society

Shelby County Early Newspaper Items  1991

Shelby County Land Taxes 1821 & Sale of Land for Taxes 1822 – 1829

Shelby County Board of Equalization  1846 – 1870, Taglieber 1992

Executors & Administrators Common Pleas Shelby County Ohio Deardorff

Death Records Shelby County Ohio  Book 1, 1867 – 1881, Book 2, 1882 – 1890,
Book 3, 1890 – 1904

Shelby County Marriages  June 1904 – June 1910,  Adams 1998

Complete Record no.2 Probate Court Shelby County Ohio  1860-1866. 1991

Birth Records Shelby County Ohio,  Book 1, 1867-1880, Book 2, 1880-1890
Taglieber, Shelby County Genealogical Society

Shelby County Will Abstracts  Book 1, 1992


Farm Directory, Shelby County, 1932-33-34


Robinson’s Shelby County Rural Directory


Historic Ft. Loramie  Skinner

Early History of Ft. Loramie, Sesquicentennial, 1837 – 1987,
Ft. Loramie Historical Association

Annals of St. Michael’s Parish, Loramie, Shelby County Ohio  Bigot, 1907
3 reprints

Auglaize County

Atlas of Auglaize County Ohio, Sutton 1880

Atlas and History Auglaize County, 1917

History of Auglaize County Ohio,  Auglaize County Historical Society 1980

History of Western Ohio & Auglaize County,  Williamson, 1905

History of Auglaize County Ohio, Vol. 1&2  McMurray 1923

Auglaize County Ohio Early Births, 1830’s – 1869,
Auglaize Chapter, Ohio Genealogy Society 1994

History of Auglaize County Ohio, 1817-1889,  Howe, 1977

Minster Centennial  1832-1932

New Bremen Ohio Sesquicentennial  1833-1983

St. Joseph‘s Parish, Egypt Ohio, 1852-1996

Miami County

Miami County Ohio Land Patent Records  Short & Bowers, 1973

Mercer County

Record of Mercer & Van Wert – Portrait & Biographical Record  1971

Native American & Early Settlers – The Meeting of Cultures  1780’s-1980’s
Alig, 1989,  Mercer County Historical Society

Views of Versailles to 1976

A Glandorf Album  Leach 1984

St. Henry Ohio Sesquicentennial  1837- 1987, 2 copies
Alig 1987,  Mercer County Historical Society

Coldwater Ohio at 150  Weber & Alig, 1988,  Mercer County Hist. Society

Sesquicentennial Chickasaw Ohio  1938-1988,  Mercer County Hist. Soc.

1827 & 1834 Quadrennial Enumeration of Adult White Males of Mercer Co. OH
Mercer Co. Chapter OH Genealogical Society, Brandon, 2004, (don. F. Puthoff)

Marriages Mercer County OH, ABC,1823-1852, Book D, 1853-1860, vol. 1&2,

Brandon & Overly, 2004 (donated by Frances Puthoff)

Darke County

History Darke County Ohio – Beers – 1880 – Darke County Historical Society

Darke County Marriages – 1851-1898 – Darke County Gen. Society 1986

Representative Atlas of Darke County Ohio 1875-1888

Waterstreet Cemetery, Greenville Ohio – Short 
Ft. Greenville Chapter DAR – 1972

Cemetery inscriptions Darke County Ohio – Short & Bowers – 1968
5 volumes

Darke County Marriage Records – Short & Bowers – 1966 – 2 volumes

Darke County Ohio Common Pleas Court Records  1817-1860 
Short & Bowers

Darke County Ohio Deed Records – 1817-1834 A to D – 1977

Darke County Ohio Will Abstracts – 1818-1857 – Volume 1

Plat Book of Darke Co. OH, 1910-1925, Northwest Pub.,
Reproduction, 1978, Versailles Posterity Assoc.

Kindling – newsletter

Other Counties

History of Putnam County Ohio  1820-1889, Howe, 1977

History of Van Wert County Ohio  1820-1889, Howe, 1977

History of Preble County Ohio  1808-1889, Howe, 1977

Perry Co. OH Marriage Records 1818-1830. Selby Pub. 1983

Germans to Marion Co. OH and Their Ancestors, Potts, Heritage Books, 1996

Portrait & Biographical Record Guernsey Co, OH, Owen & Co. 1895

Guardianship Records of Minor Children, Pike County OH, 1815-1889
Pike Co. Chapter, OH Gen. Soc.

Combined 1880 History & 1895 Atlas of Putnam Co. OH, Putnam Hist. Soc. 1995


Gateway to the West – newsletter

Genealogical Aids Bulletin  – Miami Genealogical Society

Portrait & Biographical Record of Scioto Valley Ohio, Lewis Pub. 1894,
Reproduction, 1987, Selby Pub.

Ohioans in the California Census of 1850, Southern California Chapter of
Ohio Gen. Soc. 1988

Soldiers’ memories of WWII, Puthoff, dedicated to soldiers of 198th AAA AW Batt.

Grandma’s Memories, Mary Margaret Boerger Connair, 1996

Ohio History

A Short History, Ohio Land Grants, Ferguson, 1938

An Ohio Reader, 1750 to the Civil War, Smith, Ohio Historical
Society, 1975

The Forts of Ohio, A Guide to Military Stockades, Williams, 2003

Forts in the Forest, Kentucky, Jim Baker, Historical Handbook
Series, 1975

For the Ohio Country, Settlements at Marietta & Gallipolis,
Jim Baker, 1976,

Deep Cut, Ohio Historical Society & Allen County Historical Society, Robison,

Memoirs of the Miami Valley, vol. 1 & vol. 3, Robert O. Law Co., Chicago,
1920, 159-27

History of Northwest Ohio, Winter, Lewis Publishing Co.,
3 vols., 1917

The History of the Ohio Soldier’s & Sailor’s Orphan’s Home
at Xenia Ohio, 1868-1963, Hughes & McCracken (1973 gift)

The Ohio Tornadoes, Boone, 1974

The History of the John Randolph Freed Slaves of Roanoke
Virginia Who Settled in Miami & Shelby Counties, Rossville-
Springcreek Historical Society 1981

The Rifle Queen, Annie Oakley, Sayers, 1973

Women Beyond the Frontier, Ft. Wayne, Cramton, 1971

Liwwät Böke, 1807-1882, Pioneer, Knapke, Minster
Historical Society, 1987

Historical Preservation in Small Towns, Zieger & Kidney, 1980

The Passing of the Frontier, 1825-1850, Weissenburg, History
of the State   of Ohio, vol. 3, Ohio Historical Society, 1941

The Foundations of Ohio, Bond, History of the State of Ohio,
vol. 1, Ohio   Historical Society

Ohio Scenes and Citizens, Goulder, 1973

The Forts of Anthony Wayne, Simmons, Indiana Revolution
Bicentennial Commission, 1982

Indian Treaties and Land Cessions, Ft. Wayne &Allen County
Public Library, 1962

Friction with the Indians, 1782-1789, Downes

Part of Council Fires on the Upper Ohio, University of Pittsburgh
Press, 1940

General Anthony Wayne’s Expeditions into Indian Country,
Ft. Wayne & Allen County Public Library, 1953

St. Clair’s Defeat, 1791, Ft. Wayne & Allen Co. Public Library

Wau-Bun, The Early Day in the Northwest, Mrs. John Kinsie, 1857

1820 Ohio Census Index

1830 Ohio Census Index, Vol. 1&2

1840 Ohio Census Index

1860 Ohio Census Index, Vol. 1&2

Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850 Bell 1981

German Genealogy

Geschichte von Damme – Bocker – 1887 (History of Damme)

Encyclopedia of German Genealogical Research – Smith – 1976

The Atlantic Bridge to Germany – Everton – 1974 – Several volumes

Facts About Germany – Press and Information Office – Germany – 1979

A Genealogy Handbook of German Research – Jensen – 1978

American Genealogical Resources in German Archives – Smith – 1977

Emigration,  1830-1880  Damme-Holdorf-Neuenkirchen

Festschrift Kolping Familia Damme – 1981

Journal of German-American Studies – 1977-1979

German Family Research Made Simple– Konrad-2nd edition-1977

Die Deutschen und die Amerikaner, München, 1977,
(The Germans and the Americans) (in German)

An Atlas of German Migration & America, Eldridge, 2002

Some ABC’s of German Genealogy, Littschwager, 1938

Span 200, The Story of German Involvement in the Founding and

Development of America, Wust & Muehlen, 1976

Westfälische Auswanderer, 1966 (Emigrants from Westfalen) (in German)

Americans From Germany, Wilk, 1976

Address Book for Germanic Genealogy, Thode, 1977

Auswandering aus Ostbevern , (Emigration from Ostbevern)

Schubert (in German)

300 Years of German Immigrants in North America

Bild Atlas Osnabrücker & Tecklenburger Land (Picture Atlas)

English Family Research, Konrad


A Pictorial History of St. Patrick Parish, 1862-1994, 2000

St. Henry Ohio Sesquicentennial, 1837-1987, Joyce Alig

The St. Marys Story, 1823-1973,

Joe’s Journals, The Greenville Story, Joe Fahnstock, 1975

Scribblings, Urbana Senior Citizens Center, 1974

Ralph May Remembers, New Bremen, 1983

New Bremen Sesquicentennial Reflections, 1983 x

Souvenir Brochure Restoration Celebration, Bellefontaine, 1962

West Alexandria Ohio Sesqui-centennial Book, 1826-1986

Centennial, Minster Ohio, 1932

Remembering, A Commemorative Look at Minster Ohio, 1832-1982 x

Celina, Ohio Sesquicentennial, 1834-1984, Joyce Alig

Covington High School Alumni, 1870-1977

Osgood Community Centennial Homecoming, 1983, 2 copies

Troy, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Hobart PR Dept.,

Centennial, New Knoxville, 1936

What Makes New Knoxville Special, Schroer, 1986

Historic Troy Ohio, Troy Historical Society

Polks Troy City Directory, 1955

Early Dayton, Steele, 1896

Pictorial History & Early Settlers of Maria Stein, Ohio (pictures & maps)x

Robinson’s Shelby County Rural Directory, 2 copies of 1968-69, 1971, 1975, 1977, 
1981, 1984

Farm Directory, Shelby County, 1932-33-34

Shelby County Fairbooks, 1910-1983, and Junior Fair

Books About Germany

German Memories, Frances Puthoff

Carl Schurz, Heinz Moos, 1979

Augsburg, 2000 Years, The Jubilee Book, 1985, 2 copies

Augsburg in Rampenlicht, Schwarz & Marm, 1987, vol.2,
in German

Fascination Moor, Cloppenburg-Vechta, Juergen Goettke-
Krogman, PB

Ladbergen, Friedrich Saatkamp, 1975, English Translation 1985

Schönes Deutschland, 1977, in German

Facts About Germany, 1979, PB

Jahrbuch für das Oldenburger Münsterland, 1984, PB

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, 1730-1794, 1981, PB

Berlin Forum, Blockade, Luftbrücke & Luftbrückendank,

Mechlenburg – Vorpommern, 1990 (in English)

750 Jahre Bergfeine, 1240-1990, 1991

Parish Damme, Holdorf, Neuenkirchen, Ostendorf, (Compiled from a
book by Ostendorf) (in German)

Gemeinde, Ostbevern, 1985 (in German)

Ostbevern in America, 1991

Steinheim Westfalen  (in German)

Jahrbuch fur das Oldenburger-Munsterland – 1984 (in German)

Oldenburger-Munsterland, Krogman, (about the moors)

Ostbevern, Schmieder, 1988 (in German)

The First Thousand Words in German, Usborne, 1979

Berlin in Brief

Steinfeld, Oldenburg, 1187-1987

Pfarrkirche St. Bonifatius, Neuenkirchen 1980
(about the Catholic Church in Neuenkirchen- Vorden)

St. Catharina, Dinklage Clemens Heitman, 1971
(about the Catholic Church in Dinklage)

We cannot guarantee that all books will be available at the time of your visit. Sorry due to time and staffing restraints we cannot do “Look Ups” for you.